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By Sea Rob de Voogd Transport

Horse transport

By sea

A lot has changed since January 2021 when Brexit took effect. At the moment you can transport horses but with a lot of new rules regarding customs and the horses themselves. We would love to help you.

For Great Britain and Ireland, we use different ports and ferry companies on the North Sea and the Irish sea routes from France and the Netherlands.
Ports in Netherlands: Hook of Holland (25-11-2021 has been closed after a few weeks beiing open)
Ports in France: Calais Cherbourg
Ports in Uk:  Harwich (closed), Dover,
Ports in Irland: Dublin, Rossleare

Equidae transportation on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Horses must travel in a horse transporter of the appropriate standard. The ventilation system must be capable of ensuring even distribution throughout with a minimum airflow of nominal capacity of 60 m3/h/KN of payload. It must be capable of operating for at least 4 hours, independently of the vehicle engine.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttlecan only accept vehicles in possession of a valid Road Vehicle & Container Certificate (or equivalent issued by other member states) providing evidence that the vehicle has been approved under article 18 (2) of Council Regulation EC 1/2005 or documentation from the vehicle manufacturer confirming the capacity of the ventilation system.
Our charters have the necessary papers.

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