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Transport in Holland

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We transport your horse in the Benelux countries, from stable to stable or to the vet for examination and sales inspections.

Fill in our contact form and we will contact you within 12 hours.
If it is urgent call +131651151418.

The transport is not only safe and secure but also takes into account the comfort and welfare of the horses. The drivers have good driving capebilitys and they know when the horse is in need of care and attention.

Our goal is to move your horse in a perfect way from barn to barn without you have to be worried.
You horse is being watched by camera in the horsebox during the transport.

The drivers have qualified animal transport certificates
which has been made compulsory by the EEC, Regulation (EC) nr.1/2005 (Defra Transport Regulation).
Please use our form and we'll contact you.

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