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News Rob de Voogd Horse transport

It's been a while since I've updated this page.
We are now busy transporting horses to the USA again.

Stall with horses on there way to the plane.
A few days ago I was asked if it was possible to move a filly.
They didn't tell me what breed, normally they are horse breed.
Not this time.
Project moving mare, Gembria, from Bakersfield (USA) to near Arnhem inThe Netherlands.

In June I was asked to move a USA born KWPN mare, Gembria, to the Netherlands.
Completely different requirements apply to transport animals to the Netherlands, such as transport to the USA. In addition, it was a removal and not a sale.
The difference is that with a sale you have to pay tax and not with a removal.
We need to produce a registrated passport for the horse first otherwise you aren't allowed to bring a horse into the EU.
At the beginning of August the mare went to quarantine and at the beginning of September she arrived at Schiphol airport with KLM, after which she could start her last part of the journey after being checked by the NVWA.
As you may have already seen, we moved from Steenbergen (NB) to Ooltgensplaat on the island of Goeree Overflakkee (ZH) in February.
For you as a customer, everything stays the same except that we are now at a more central point about 2 miles from crossing Hellegatsplein, the junction between Brabant and South Holland, A29 and A4, but actually now also for Zeeland via the N59.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via or when it is urgent via telephone: +31651151418.
You can also use this number 24/7 for emergency trips to animal clinics.
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