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By road
Based in Oolgensplaat in the province South of Holland, between Rotterdam and Antwerp.
2 hrs from Schiphol airport.
2 1/2 hrs from Lutttich-Luik-Liege (Belgium).
5 hrs from Luxembourg.
6 hrs from Frankfurt Germany.
8 hrs from Heathrow (ferry crossing not included.).
8 hrs from Stensted UK.
Often delivery the same day at destination.
If desired double crew
Our drivers have good knowledge of horses and they know in every situation an appropriate solution.
Our team are all professionally qualified and highly expert in the business of transporting horses and have worked with horses for many years.
As well as the NVWA (NL) or VWA (Belgium) Certificate of Competence.
We have a 8 hr. permit for our trailer for the transport of animals given off by the NVWA ( the Dutch Health Authority).(type1 nr:17519)
Do you have a question about a transport of your horses , please fill in the form below.

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